Top 5 Newborn Must-Have Products

Mom’s on Call Book

I have already blogged about my love for Mom’s on Call, and how I can now function as human again thanks in part to this sleep training method. When any expecting mother asks me for advice, the Mom’s on Call 0-6 Month Book is at the top of my list! 

Sound Machine

Staying on the Mom’s on Call train, the method recommends a sound machine for the baby’s room. I didn’t do this with my first child and it was a big mistake. I am not picky about the sound machine, as long as it works and is loud. Two that I have used include the Dohm and HoMedics machines. Drowning out unwanted noise will help soothe the baby, which leads to better sleep. 


I didn’t quite get the memo from the nurses on swaddling with either of my two kids. I swore my first one hated it although I think it was user error on my part. With my second baby, I got serious on swaddling in order to help him sleep better. My favorite swaddle for the newborn stage was the Love to Dream Swaddle. As he got older, I transitioned to the Magic Merlin Sleepsuit. The Magic Merlin Sleepsuit really was magic for our baby. 

Little guy in his Love to Dream Swaddle.

4Moms mamaRoo

I couldn’t have made it through the newborn stage with my first child without the 4Moms mamaRoo. Not only does it connect to your phone through Bluetooth, but it also bounces up and down, side-to-side, and has in total 5 unique motions. Since my first baby wouldn’t sleep in her crib, the mamaRoo became a nighttime miracle worker for us. 

The 4moms mamaRoo in action with my son.

BabyBum Diaper Cream Brush

While this product isn’t a tech breakthrough like the mamaRoo, I found that the BabyBum brush was my favorite shower gift for my second child. For those of us that have layered on the diaper cream only to deal with the mess on our hands after, this brush is a lifesaver. Clean hands for mom and dad, equals a win! 


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