Why is parenting so hard?

When I was pregnant with my first child, I thought that I had enough babysitting to know what to expect. My sister is 12 years younger than me so I practically helped raise her. I thought I was fully prepared, but I soon found out I was way wrong! 

No one can quite prepare you for the adventures or hardships of parenting. It truly is a rollercoaster. Most days I can handle the stress and chaos but others I just feel like a parent failure. For example, my daughter asked me the other day why I had not been to any of her school parties. I felt so bad, but I am honestly having a hard time juggling being a great parent, employee, and student. 

I finally got to go to a school party!

Luckily, when I am feeling down and out as a parent, I have other parents to turn to. A blog post from Scary Mommy helped me turn the parenting corner today by making me remember that I am not alone in this journey. 

So, if you are having a bad parenting day, turn to one of your other parenting friends or groups because you are not alone! 

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