Hot mess mom

Along with feeling like a failure as a parent, sometimes I feel like a hot mess mom. You know, that mom that can’t get it together. I am guilty of that on occasion. I try my best to be as organized as possible, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen. Balancing the kids, work, and school is challenging at best, and I end up being a hot mess mom for a day or two. 

Me having a hot mess mom day. Look at my son’s poor hair!

I love watching parenting videos from Cat & Nat on YouTube. No matter how bad of a parenting day I am having, these two always seem to pull me out of it. Cat & Nat’s video on hot mess mom’s is a favorite of mine. Maybe some of my hot mess moments are teaching my children to be more independent. After all, I can’t do everything for them all the time. Watch the video and let me know your favorite hot mess mom moment! 

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