I would not know what to do without my parents and my mother in law. They are so helpful when it comes to watching our kids and loving on them. Seriously, I am so blessed to that my kids have three very loving grandparents. That said, I do struggle sometimes with them not following my directions. After all, they all raised kids and we survived, right? Throw the bedtime out the window, give them all the chocolate, and cut their hair without my permission. You see the hair cutting is where I lost my mind. This past fall, I was sick in bed when my dad came home with my son. As soon as I saw him I instantly knew he had cut his hair. Instead of losing my mind right then, I waited until he left only to find out later he cut the hair with kitchen scissors. 

As you can see from the picture, it was rather awful and required a trip to the barber shop. What made me so mad was that I had been telling my dad I planned to take him to get his haircut soon but he took matters into his own hands. I felt he crossed the line but my dad doesn’t feel he did anything wrong. Now that my anger has settled, I am able to joke about it with him but he better never cut it again.

The awful haircut!

How do you discuss disagreements with your children’s grandparents? I am sure this won’t be the last so please add your advice in the comments. 

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