Birthday Party Planning

I plan special events for a living so you probably would assume my children must have lavish birthday parties but assuming that would mean you are dead wrong. I have been to countless birthday parties where my mom friends have gone way overboard. I just refuse to do that when it comes to my kids. In fact, my son is turning two next month. I wanted to do a small party at our home with just family and close friends but my husband didn’t like that idea and wanted to have a party at a local fun place and invite school friends. While I love celebrating his birthday, he will only be two and he will not remember this party. 

My main method for surviving kid parties is to rely on Etsy, Facebook events, and the party store to help do the work for me. Instead of printing expensive invites and mailing, I bought an editable birthday invitation from Etsy and created a Facebook group to invite family and friends. I did print a few from my home printer for my son’s friends at school. 

You won’t see me go wild on decorations either. I plan to reuse some tablecloths that I own, I bought plates and napkins at the Dollar Tree, I will get a few balloons from the party store, and Publix will provide the cupcakes. Of course, renting out the play place isn’t cheap, but I hope my savings in invites, food, and décor will make up for the cost. 

The simple balloons I plan to use for the birthday party. Image from Party City.

It truly is about making memories, so I hope that at least my husband and I will take away some happy memories since my son won’t have a clue.

How do you handle your children’s birthday parties? Leave a comment and let me know. 


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