Not Overscheduling Children

One item I have been struggling with lately is children’s activities. Do I have my kids in enough activities or too many? My daughter participates in two to three activities each year and normally a few camps each summer. I am really happy with this number, but I have other friends whose children are in an activity each day after school. I wonder if I am not doing enough for my daughter. My poor son isn’t really in any activities yet but given his age, I don’t feel as bad about that. 

My son playing football in the yard.

In doing some research on this topic, I came across a great post from Kristen Cherry on the Nashville Mom’s Blog. She had for great tips that really helped me realize that I need to do what is best for my children and not feel the social pressure to do more. Also, I really like her tip on making free time actually free. This is a concept that I have always done with my kids. No tablets, no video games, no TV for a period of time can really help with creative play.

For other mom’s in this same situation, what have you done to make sure your children are not overscheduled? 

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