Fashion Statement

My daughter certainly has an interesting style going these days. For the most part, she will still let me pick out her outfits, although, I feel like my days are numbered. That said, she is very particular and often wants to argue with me about what matches and what doesn’t. I didn’t realize that the arguments over clothes would come this soon! 

I try my best to layout her outfits on Sunday so that we won’t have arguments during the week when she wakes up tired and grouchy because she is not a morning person. Despite my best efforts, she will typically still have a fit one morning of the week over an outfit. 

She loves this coat and stole my hat for her outfit today!

Am I the only mom out there that wishes their kids had to wear school uniforms? I really do feel like that would solve the problem. At least my kid doesn’t argue with me about wearing a coat, but she might argue over which one. 

If you can help me get an argument free morning, drop your advice in the comments. 


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