Kindergarten Homework

I know that I should appreciate that my child’s teacher wants her to learn at home, but I am the worst at school projects right now. I think it is because I am swimming in my own graduate school work, but I should not let that be an excuse. 

While the homework in Kindergarten has been overwhelming by any means, there have certainly been a few projects. This week we have been working on a project for Dr. Seuss to celebrate the Read Across America Day. 

Celebrating Dr. Seuss in our house this week! Image from Clipart Panda.

My daughter has been assigned to make something that represents her favorite Dr. Seuss character and then she has to get up and speak on her art as well as the character in front of her class. 

Maybe it is just me, but already working on public speaking presenting skills in Kindergarten is impressive! I know the homework is only going to get worse, so help prepare me by leaving some tips in the comments on how you manage homework. 


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