Sick all the time…

This past fall was rough in our house. We were all getting sick. Everything from sinus infections to strep throat, my household was taken over by illness. Of course, this makes it very difficult as a working parent. Who takes off from work each day when you have a sick child? The struggle is real, especially since I am also in graduate school at the moment. I have argued about this with my husband more times than I care to admit but it is a serious issue.

We have found that taking turns seems to be the best resolution. On the days we are both busy, we try to split the day evenly so that we can both get work done. On days where extra help is available, I have even paid a babysitter to help me at home so that I can get work done during the day. 

Last time he was sick this fall he took a nap while eating lunch!

While I have taken the opposite advice than this Working Mother blog, I am trying to find the balance in at all.

How do you handle your children’s illnesses when you are working? 

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