Be prepared for the unexpected

As a parent, I try to always be prepared for the unexpected including toddler meltdowns, Kindergarten girl drama, fitting siblings, and so much more but I am not sure anything could have prepared me for our neighborhood drama this week. 

When it was warm last week, I saw many of the neighborhood kids out playing. Normally, we would have been outside, too, but we had an event we had to go to that night. 

As we left, there was a Maryville City police officer outside speaking with two of our neighbors. Of course, this is not an everyday occurrence in our neighborhood. I went on about my business until one of my neighbors saw me the next day.

She proceeded to explain that the neighbor that lives next me to called the cops on her kids because a ball went in to her yard. Say what I said? Who in the world calls the cops after a ball gets in their yard. It is certain to say, I wasn’t prepared for this unexpected occurrence. My neighbor went on to say that the lady has also been taking pictures of our kids while they are playing outside. 

Why didn’t she call the police when we were celebrating 4th of July with real fireworks?

So, now I am an angry mom. I am trying to not lose it on my neighbor who called the police and is taking pictures of my children without my permission! Any advice on how to “play nice” with my neighbor is welcome.