Food allergies

In 2018, our family was thrown into the world of children’s food allergies. We had recently discovered that my son had a dairy allergy thanks to a persistent ENT doctor. We are so thankful that his allergy is not life threating like some others so we consider ourselves very lucky.

With the new diagnosis comes a learning curve. I truly never knew how many items have dairy in it. It has taken me the better part of four months to determine what he can and can’t have as well as research fast food options. We have struggled and he certainly doesn’t appreciate that he can no longer have cheese. I tried the vegan cheese only for that to be thrown back in my face many times.

Sweet Loren’s cookies are amazing and dairy free! These are my son’s favorite sweet treat!

During this time of uncertainty, I was so excited to find a blog dedicated to food allergies. This blog and all of the information has been a lifesaver for me as we learn to live with this new normal.