Explaining death to children

While I typically try to keep my blog topics light, this week’s topic sits heavy on heart. My grandmother (my children’s great grandmother) was diagnosed with incurable leukemia a few months ago and only has a matter of months left to live. Of course, this news has been very hard on me and my dad, but I also have to think about how it will affect my children. My son is likely too young to understand, but my daughter will certainly feel the effects. We have been talking about great grandma going to heaven, but I felt I needed more to help break it down in an age appropriate way so that she can express her feelings.

My grandmother pictured with my daughter when she was a newborn.

I was so happy to find another mommy blogger that recommended some wonderful books that will help us explain this better to our children. 

Death of a loved one is certainly a difficult topic. If you have any advice, please feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments. 

Mean Girls

Maybe it is just me but I am already experiencing flashbacks to the movie Mean Girls when my daughter comes home and complains about her friends. While it doesn’t happen every day (thank goodness), she is often struggling with how to deal with friends that are “mean” or don’t include her in play. I know it is a rite of passage for every child, but my heart can’t help feel for her. 

She has the biggest heart and always includes others so she just has a very hard time understanding when her friends don’t treat her the same way. Of course, she isn’t perfect, but most of the time is very considerate of other’s feelings. 

Mean girls meme.

I struggle with what to tell her about it. How much is too much? Do I crush her now to prepare her for middle and high school? I am just having the hardest time with this issue. For those of you that may be experiencing this yourself, please leave some advice in the comments.