The 5-8 pm hustle

Toys everywhere when I get home from work everyday!

Does any other working parent out there relate to me on how one can pack so many things into the hours of 5-8 pm? Without a doubt, 5-8 pm is the most chaotic time during my weekday. When I get home from work each day around 5 pm, toys are thrown all over the living room, and my kids are typically running around like animals. Once we get them settled down, my husband and I typically divide and conquer dinner since we typically cook three different meals, including one for us, one for my daughter, and one for my dairy-allergic son.

PJs and trying to tame her crazy long hair!

Following dinner, playing continues for the little guy, and reading or writing practices ensue for my Kindergarten girl. If it is bath night, we try to do baths for them at the same time to speed up the process followed by lotion, jammies, and combing my daughter’s hair, which compares to Rapunzel, because, you know, that’s her favorite princess. By the time we get my son in bed by 7 pm, I am exhausted by it all but still have to pack lunches for both, lay out school clothes, and spend more quality time with my daughter. What gets me through this crazy time? As much as I hate to admit it, I enjoy sitting for a few minutes and scrolling through Instagram to watch the stories. In fact, my toddler now enjoys watching Instagram stories with me. That’s probably a mom fail, but it brings me a moment of peace in an otherwise wild atmosphere.