Play ball!

Now that tee ball season is here, I am reminded just how difficult it is to be a parent and a coach. I always try to get out of coaching but that never seems to go my way. Instead, the teams are always short volunteers, and I end up helping. Not that it isn’t rewarding, but coaching my own child is very difficult. She doesn’t listen to me and it makes for a frustrating experience for both of us. While I am coaching tee ball, I was able to find a very helpful list of “6 steps for coaching your child” from the USA Football blog. Even though it is a different sport, the tips can really apply to any support. 

The one most important tip that has really stayed with me is to not coach my child at home unless they ask for it. It is hard for me when we practice at home not to be the coach but rather the supportive parent. I am hopefully making strides to be better at home.

Pep talk from the head coach!

Are you a coach to your child? If so, please leave any helpful tips in the comments.