The Laundry Game

The one household chore that I hate more than anything is laundry. Seriously, I feel like it is the bane of my existence since I have to do laundry for four people. I try hard to do a load every single day but that doesn’t always happen due to work, grad school, and raising the kids. 

When I am unable to do a lot of laundry during the week, I end up having to do a massive amount on the weekends, typically anywhere from 3-4 loads on Saturday and Sunday. The backlog means I end up with a ton of laundry to fold, which I hate even more than sorting and washing. In fact, I typically fold it only to find that I have not put it up the next weekend and end up with no bins to put the freshly done laundry in. Ugh! 

So much laundry to fold!

In reading an article from the Consumer Electronics Show in January, I learned that a self-folding machine exists! The FoldiMate claims to be so simple that even kids can do it. The FoldiMate is expected to be available in late 2019 and comes with a cost of $980. While I am not sure I can justify the price tag at this time, I can only dream of getting it one day.

I am curious, for those of you that have similar laundry issues, would you invest in a FoldiMate? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.