Food allergies

In 2018, our family was thrown into the world of children’s food allergies. We had recently discovered that my son had a dairy allergy thanks to a persistent ENT doctor. We are so thankful that his allergy is not life threating like some others so we consider ourselves very lucky.

With the new diagnosis comes a learning curve. I truly never knew how many items have dairy in it. It has taken me the better part of four months to determine what he can and can’t have as well as research fast food options. We have struggled and he certainly doesn’t appreciate that he can no longer have cheese. I tried the vegan cheese only for that to be thrown back in my face many times.

Sweet Loren’s cookies are amazing and dairy free! These are my son’s favorite sweet treat!

During this time of uncertainty, I was so excited to find a blog dedicated to food allergies. This blog and all of the information has been a lifesaver for me as we learn to live with this new normal. 


Mean Girls

Maybe it is just me but I am already experiencing flashbacks to the movie Mean Girls when my daughter comes home and complains about her friends. While it doesn’t happen every day (thank goodness), she is often struggling with how to deal with friends that are “mean” or don’t include her in play. I know it is a rite of passage for every child, but my heart can’t help feel for her. 

She has the biggest heart and always includes others so she just has a very hard time understanding when her friends don’t treat her the same way. Of course, she isn’t perfect, but most of the time is very considerate of other’s feelings. 

Mean girls meme.

I struggle with what to tell her about it. How much is too much? Do I crush her now to prepare her for middle and high school? I am just having the hardest time with this issue. For those of you that may be experiencing this yourself, please leave some advice in the comments. 

Kindergarten Homework

I know that I should appreciate that my child’s teacher wants her to learn at home, but I am the worst at school projects right now. I think it is because I am swimming in my own graduate school work, but I should not let that be an excuse. 

While the homework in Kindergarten has been overwhelming by any means, there have certainly been a few projects. This week we have been working on a project for Dr. Seuss to celebrate the Read Across America Day. 

Celebrating Dr. Seuss in our house this week! Image from Clipart Panda.

My daughter has been assigned to make something that represents her favorite Dr. Seuss character and then she has to get up and speak on her art as well as the character in front of her class. 

Maybe it is just me, but already working on public speaking presenting skills in Kindergarten is impressive! I know the homework is only going to get worse, so help prepare me by leaving some tips in the comments on how you manage homework. 

Fashion Statement

My daughter certainly has an interesting style going these days. For the most part, she will still let me pick out her outfits, although, I feel like my days are numbered. That said, she is very particular and often wants to argue with me about what matches and what doesn’t. I didn’t realize that the arguments over clothes would come this soon! 

I try my best to layout her outfits on Sunday so that we won’t have arguments during the week when she wakes up tired and grouchy because she is not a morning person. Despite my best efforts, she will typically still have a fit one morning of the week over an outfit. 

She loves this coat and stole my hat for her outfit today!

Am I the only mom out there that wishes their kids had to wear school uniforms? I really do feel like that would solve the problem. At least my kid doesn’t argue with me about wearing a coat, but she might argue over which one. 

If you can help me get an argument free morning, drop your advice in the comments. 

Not Overscheduling Children

One item I have been struggling with lately is children’s activities. Do I have my kids in enough activities or too many? My daughter participates in two to three activities each year and normally a few camps each summer. I am really happy with this number, but I have other friends whose children are in an activity each day after school. I wonder if I am not doing enough for my daughter. My poor son isn’t really in any activities yet but given his age, I don’t feel as bad about that. 

My son playing football in the yard.

In doing some research on this topic, I came across a great post from Kristen Cherry on the Nashville Mom’s Blog. She had for great tips that really helped me realize that I need to do what is best for my children and not feel the social pressure to do more. Also, I really like her tip on making free time actually free. This is a concept that I have always done with my kids. No tablets, no video games, no TV for a period of time can really help with creative play.

For other mom’s in this same situation, what have you done to make sure your children are not overscheduled? 

Minivan Mom

I joined the group of minivan moms recently…I never thought that would happen. Long story short, my car had nearly 105,000 miles on it and we had spent several thousand dollars updating and maintaining it over the last two years only to have another issue with it. On my way home from work two weeks ago, my check engine light came on again. I just had a sunken feeling that this would be the end for me and this car, and I was right because we were not going to sink another $2,000 into it for the fix. 

The 2019 Honda Odyssey. Photo from Airport Honda.

I never thought in a million years I would want a van but after test driving one at Airport Honda, I knew it was right for our family. My husband even loved it. So, we bought a brand-new Honda Odyssey. With all of the state-of-the-art features, cargo room, and quality of safety, I recommend you check out the Honda Odyssey if you are in the market for a new vehicle and have small children. It has been a game changer for me. If you have a Honda Odyssey, leave in the comments your favorite feature. 

Birthday Party Planning

I plan special events for a living so you probably would assume my children must have lavish birthday parties but assuming that would mean you are dead wrong. I have been to countless birthday parties where my mom friends have gone way overboard. I just refuse to do that when it comes to my kids. In fact, my son is turning two next month. I wanted to do a small party at our home with just family and close friends but my husband didn’t like that idea and wanted to have a party at a local fun place and invite school friends. While I love celebrating his birthday, he will only be two and he will not remember this party. 

My main method for surviving kid parties is to rely on Etsy, Facebook events, and the party store to help do the work for me. Instead of printing expensive invites and mailing, I bought an editable birthday invitation from Etsy and created a Facebook group to invite family and friends. I did print a few from my home printer for my son’s friends at school. 

You won’t see me go wild on decorations either. I plan to reuse some tablecloths that I own, I bought plates and napkins at the Dollar Tree, I will get a few balloons from the party store, and Publix will provide the cupcakes. Of course, renting out the play place isn’t cheap, but I hope my savings in invites, food, and décor will make up for the cost. 

The simple balloons I plan to use for the birthday party. Image from Party City.

It truly is about making memories, so I hope that at least my husband and I will take away some happy memories since my son won’t have a clue.

How do you handle your children’s birthday parties? Leave a comment and let me know.