Toddler meltdowns

My son recently celebrated his second birthday and you know what that means…terrible two’s. Really, I think the terrible two’s start at about 18 months. Either way, it is no fun for parents. The constant toddler meltdowns are not easy to deal with day in and out.

His favorite meltdown is to just lay down and scream when he doesn’t get his way. After refreshing myself on this stage thanks to the Scary Mommy blog, I know that I am not alone in waging this war. 

My son in the midst of a meltdown.

In all seriousness, I have just been walking away and giving him no attention when he throws his tantrum. So far, I think it is working. I am seeing a reduction in the number of tantrums per day. 

If you have any advice on toddler tantrums, please feel free to leave me a comment! 

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