Pick Three

When I first heard author Randi Zuckerberg speak on her concept of picking three and being lopsided rather than balanced, it finally clicked with me that you can’t possibly be the best at being a mom, wife, employee, student, and more each and every day. Watching her interview on the Today Show this past May really changed my perspective on balance, which I had been trying to achieve for so long.

In her book Pick Three, she describes how each day you must pick three – sleep, family, fitness, work, or friends. Your priorities change each day, so your top three choices can change. I relate so well to this method because each day my top three priorities change based on the situation. As I have painfully learned over the years, I just can’t do it all. For example, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I sacrifice sleep to work out at 5 am so that I can still be to work by 7:30 am. Seven Saturdays in the fall, I put work before family because I do a special tailgate for alumni donors every home game. On Wednesdays, I work through lunch so that I can see my little girl practice gymnastics before dinner.

Asher and Paislee joined me for the Little Vol Walk during Homecoming.

Each day, picking my top three means I can focus on being good at just a few rather than spreading myself too thin. What I have taken away from this method has truly helped me let go of some of the mom guilt and be a better parent. I encourage you today to pick your daily top three and see how it changes your parenting life. 

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